Why Did The Society Expect Us Or Taught Us To Live In Groups?

Society or even the eco systems has always preached us – “the homo sapiens” to live in groups. We are expected to live in groups because we are one of the weakest things on earth. Human beings might have a huge well developed brain but the sophisticated dolphins and whales are found to have better complex brains than the human beings still we call human beings are the powerful things on earth. It is funny because in ancient times during wars, every time, a brave solider wins a war, he will not brag about it. He will be humble and the praise will come to him.
But, there are these soldiers who were literally no one in the group and they will act like the while charade was their own responsibility. If it was not for them, the kind king would have been killed and we would have been captured. It will literally be obvious that they are bragging about nothing. Similarly, human beings are bragging about being the Supreme Being.  In actual truth they are not. A supreme being will look into the welfare of the others in the society, who might be a no one or small one to something really big. But, we human beings are the source for the distress for other animals. It is hard to live with these human beings.
We were asked to live in groups because when someone else hurts or harms someone in the ecosystem, the others would stop them and live for the betterment of the world. It is hard to put all characters in one single person. When we are living in a community or as a group the characters will be learnt and transmitted from one person to another. But nowadays, we just have the pictures of people to post on social media and networks. Or else they are just there to use it in the scrapbooks. They get one of the family scrapbook ideas, to show the world how happy they are in pictures. Sadly, it is not the truth. Just pictures are not enough explanation of a group of people being a family. When a group of people are living as one big family, they are expected to have similar characters to an extend. They will have almost the similar morality and ethics. They are sharing a huge amount of similarity. But, in this 21st century, people are becoming more individualistic and we are loosing the group behaviourism which is really affecting the ecosystem and the environment.