The Different Types Of Kid’s Toys

When we were kids we used to play different types of toys. Kids these days also play with different types of toys. The toys we used and they used are way different from the ones we used when we were kids. Our toys were restricted to things that used to be famous at our time and the kids these days like things that are trending now. With this the types of toys has evolved and grown in to so many types. Yet, all toys can still be categorized in to the a few basic types not matter how wide the range is. Here are the most used types of toys.

The most common type from the old days till now if there is a type of toy that everyone loved were action figures. Action figures now days come in the form of Batman, Superman, Ironman, etc. 10 to 15 years back it was He man, Power Rangers, Cowboys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spiderman, etc. These are the favorite type of toys for the boys in their childhood. There were very few girls who liked these toys as well.

Toy soldiers are a classic – then and even now the kids love it. There are so many models and toys with different military type toys. You can find military scale model online shops and from the little toy soldiers to the big Tamiya military scale model. I have seen college folks still playing with toy soldiers at times with their classic old toys.

My favorite was the RC cars. They came in all sizes and shapes from jeeps to cars to vans. Some of them race oriented and some just to be played around the house. I of course didn’t have the privilege to play with racing and outdoor type. Sad but if I see someone who I know playing with such I straight away jump and ask for a ride.

For the girls their classic dolls ranged from Barbie dolls to babies who close their eyes when it laid down flat. Girls from every generation play with these and not to forget the teddy bears! I don’t remember seeing a doll houses in the recent past but I believe that doll houses are still being used.

For the little and very creative kids are given the building blocks such as the famous LEGO company’s toys. Big kids use them to build amazing structures using their creativity. Even adults in the film industry used building blocks for stop motion animation to create movies. They are called Lego movies.